Custom Dosimetry Laboratory Management Solutions

The Doctor's Dosimetry System provides a fully integrated TLD Reader and Database interface as well as end-to-end custom laboratory software solutions.

Dosimetry Systems

A software laboratory management system must be highly flexible and customizeable to meet the unique dose calculation, issue criteria and quality control requirements of each client. 


All applications created by The Doctor's Software are fully compatible with the most up to date versions of Microsoft Windows as well as SQL Server and MySQL database Management systems.

Company Profile

The Doctor's Software has over 50 years combined experience in the Software and Dosimetry industry.   We provide custom desktop and web, database driven applications as well as machine interfaces at reasonable prices.

1. Dosimetry Solutions

2. Desktop / Web Applications

3. Algorithm Development

Providing Custom Dosimetry Solutions

Please contact us to talk about the development of a new system that will meet the unique processing requirements of your facility.  We also offer consulting services to help your laboratory operate at a level of higher productivity.  Please have a look at our current client list to see who is using our software.  Thanks!

Reader Control Interface

Reader Control Interface

International Dosimetry and Records Symposium

Key Industry Partners

Panasonic Industrial The Doctor's Software had contracted with Panasonic in a TLD Reader software interface replacement for their highest capacity UD7900 readers.  They are currently shipping all of their readers with our software interface.  This new interface provides the capability for the reader to write dosimeter reads directly to either a SQL Server or MySQL database and provides a large number of other user interface upgrades and support for all current versions of Microsoft Windows.  This software uses the Doc 2.0 core software system so it operates exactly the same as the Doc 2.0 Dosimetry System.  If you know how to use one, you know them both!

Panasonic Dosimetry Readers



Thermo Sceintific We provide a custom and direct reader interface replacement for WinREMS that will support direct readings of dosimeters to be written to a SQL Server or MySQL database.  This interface is designed to display all the results and glow curve information on a per dosimeter read basis like WinREMS but also allows for online QC checking as well as configuration for multi-column batch configurations.  Thermo Dosimetry Readers



International Dosimetry Symposium The Doctor's Software are currently a main sponsor as well as participate in the planning group for the world's largest International Dosimetry Symposium.  Every year our team along with selected guests explain how to use our software as well as teach the fundamentals of Dosimetry to an industry audience.  This also provides our clients a valuable forum to give us face-to-face feedback on our products. 

International Dosimetry Symposium