Doc 3.0 Dosimetry Laboratory Platform

The next generation AI-Enhanced Dosimetry
Laboratory Application.

Trusted by companies across the globe.

Why us?

The only Dosimetry Application that scales from an academic lab to a full production processor.

Redesigned User Interface
Doc 3.0 incorporates the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to present a contemporary and standardized user interface (UI). This enables users to experience a consistent and intuitive visual appearance and user experience (UX) throughout the application.
Hybrid Web/Native Application
Integrate pre-existing web applications as components into the application. Employ Native Windows components to manage hardware operations and integrate web content into the same application interface. Eliminate the necessity of interchanging between the application and browser.
Paperless PDF Report Storage
Opt for a paperless approach and produce or retain laboratory reports in the PDF format. Evaluate and endorse the finalized reports for traceability purposes during program audits. Examine PDFs employing the integrated PDF viewer.
Change Data Capture for Dose Records
Utilize the Temporal Table functionalities of SQL Server and retain state data for any sensitive information in your system. Monitor all modifications and deletions made to the most sensitive Dose of Record data in your dosimetry program.
Machine Learning Dose Calculations
Utilize the most accurate AI Dose Calculation Engine in the world. Access an algorithm for standard and non-standard holder and badge combinations. Additionally, leverage our consulting services for analyzing test results for accreditation.
Distributed Database Support
Segregate Dosimetry Products into individual databases hosted on independent servers. This will offer enhanced flexibility for scaling infrastructure and fortifying access to your source of truth.

Coming Soon Q2-Q3 2023!

Meet the team

Doc Grossen

Chief Scientist / CEO & Owner

+ over 30 years in the Dosimetry industry
+ taught Algorithm Class at International Dosimetry Symposium
+ premier Scientist and Consultant in the Dosimetry industry

Matt Kwid

Chief Architect / CTO & Owner

+ over 20 yeras in the Dosimetry industry
+ deployed more than 40+ Dosimetry applications internationally
+ chief architect of Doc 3.0 Platform

Daniel Krause

Web / Application Developer

+ 2 years in the Radiology Industry
+ deployed and managed financial web systems
+ project management and database administration

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Algorithm Development

Do you require an automated calculation solution within a technical or medical field? We enjoy providing custom algorithm soutions so please reach out to us.

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