Dosimetry Laboratory Software

Software Details


The Doctor’s Software has been in the dosimetry industry for over twenty years creating custom software solutions as well as providing on-site training, installation, and consulting services to dosimetry processors throughout the world.  As a co-sponsor of the International dosimetry and Records Symposium, it was identified by members of NDS that the dosimetry software that The Doctor’s Software has been providing its clients is unmatched in the industry.


The Doctor’s Dosimetry System 2.0 supports all the requirements of a modern computing environment for a high yield processing laboratory.  The software package supports all current Windows operating systems, interfaces with both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database management systems contains the most cutting edge and accurate algorithms used for radiation dose calculation as well as provides direct control and data capturing interfaces to both Harshaw and Panasonic.


















Direct Reader Interface Supported:

  • Panasonic UD-706, UD-716, UD-710, UD-7900

  • Thermo Harshaw 6600, 6600+, 8800


Indirect Reader Support with Data Migration Pipeline:
  • Landauer Inlight System


Other Instrument Support:
  • Microdesign's Glow Curve Interfaces


Software Features:
  • Microsoft Windows application capatible with Win 7&8

  • Utilizes MySQL or SQL Server database management systems

  • Security system with configurable user access levels

  • Custom client dose calculation algorithm

  • Flag badges during the dose calculation for glow curve plotting and other special processing

  • Keeps a log of all user activity including deletes and updates

  • Configurable default dialog values

  • Configurable issue criteria

  • Configurable ECF ranges and dates

  • Configurable Beta, Gamma and Neutron factors

  • MR* , ECF corrected MR* and a variety of statistics are shown on glow curve plots

  • ECF averages are calculated "on the fly" 

  • Support for CR30 and Film dosimeter types

  • Live QC checks with reader stop capability should a QC badge or the QC running average fall outside the acceptable bounds set by the user

  • Daily QC data captured can be trended to monitor a system's overall perfromance

  • Custom client dosimeter issue business rules

  • Dosimeter labels with bar codes and/or alphanumeric information printing

  • All data from any table in the system is easily exported to a flat file

  • Work is fully warranted for one year


Hardware Requirements:
  • Operates on any mondern midlevel computer/laptop and will scale up for a heavy workload to run on any high end Window's server

  • USB to RS232 cable if serial communication is needed