Here is a brief rundown of the services we offer our clients.  This is in addition to the Dosimetry Software packages we sell internationally.  Please contact us directly to discuss any of these items or any other support you may require in greater detail.

On-site System Installation, Setup and Training

The Doctor's Software not only supplies software applications to many clients around the world, we have also traveled to many of these locations to offer seamless integration of these deliverables into the client's current working environment.


Often this includes bundling a software installation with hardware (workstation, server or laptop), shipping the device to the location desired and then traveling out to the location to install and train  to get the client up and running as quickly as possible.

Algorithm Development

The Doctor's Software have over 20+ years of combined experience in desgining, implementing and refactoring radiation dose algorithms.  As of 2012 a new dose algorithm was put into production that provides customers with an even faster and more accurate dose calculation than anything offered in the past.


We also offer consulting to optimize any current algorithm that a client may be using as well as recommendations on how to obtain more accurate results for accredidation.



Data and Process Analysis

If your your program must be accredited or your processes need to be analyzed for efficiency please contact us to pefrom data and process analysis for you.  We have served many in the Dosimetry community with the services of analyzing data to see what changes need to be made to a system to make all parts of the system of managing a Dosimetry processing lab more efficient.


 We review your data storage and backup methods, your dosimeter processing pipeline as well as the data that you must submit to outside agencies to pass proficiency testing and reviews.

Data Migration

If you have a legacy data warehouseing system and need custom tools developed for moving data into our system or into a newly developed system we have experience moving, filtering and processing this type of data.  


Some of our clients have required scrubbing data off antique storage media and making sense of how it relates to their current system.  Since our software supports multiple database management systems as well as mulitiple flat file formats, we have a lot of experience in this area helping customers integrate lost data or fragmented data into thier current working environment.

Software Verification and Validation

Many of our clients require a Verification and Validation document where all the functionality of the application is clearly outlined, illustrated and reviewed as well as signed and dated by the facilities technical director.  These requirements are often part of an audit review process as well as often part of an overall requirement of receiveing accredidation.


We offer the services of generating the proper documentation for our Dosimetry Laboratory software so that every use of the software is tested, documented and  reviewed in an organized structure to meet the client's V&V requirements.

Record Keeping Systems and Maintenance

Our team has many years of experience in creating database driven record keeping services for managing historical personel data as well as managing inventory, cost analysis and training systems.


We offer application solutions in both the PC desktop and web development domain so we are able to provide our customers the type of interface that best fits their current working environment and for planning for a flexible system that will scale into the future.